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Apr. 13th, 2008

on swing


the dream of reality

I dreamed a dream... a lasting dream. it became my life. I don't remember enough to go back, before that time...
but what is real? the dream is now what fills my world with joy and mystery and what more to a wondrous life is there but to share that with others?? and how to share unless not enriched first, like a soul vitamin, a fire burning within, an overflowing cup.

I read in a place though that the dream impedes. it prevents me from seeing others as they are... myself as I really am... that love is not love through the lense of my "dream" -- but are you not telling me this from your dream?

What makes me alive? I. am. (alive).
I am.

snowy woods 4

Nov. 4th, 2007

Blue Whale Diving


(no subject)

What about a kiss do you like?

The intimate sharing and merging of two souls. The delicious taste of the one whom you desire. The beginning where you experience the soft touch of lips. To the end, the open mouthed passion that leaves your heart beating fast. The lightening bolt, which electrifies as it shoots through your body, heating your blood to a boil. The fragrant mixture of taste and smell, not satisfying but awakening one's appetite. The small flame that crackles and snaps like a fire - igniting passion more strongly with each passing second.

Sep. 21st, 2007

on swing


midday break

with a heavy sigh I step outside and down the concrete steps, through a puddle watching the tiny twinkling lines of light flee my feet.
I have no place to go. just away. away from the noise and busyness. busyness and organizing of busyness... no where to go. that's the point.

now I hear, chirping crickets. can never get away from chirping crickets. night or day. like the thoughts at the back of the mind. chirping...with nowhere to go. demanding attention.

dandelions line the sidewalk. everyone wants to get rid of the dandelions. but look how many seeds they have!! blowing in the wind... it's a sign from God really, dandelions. incredibly nutritious, some of the first food for bees in the spring. if we didn't poison the ground we could all eat from our yards you know. course they taste incredibly terrible. have you tried? we bought some organic dandelion greens from Wild Oats and...we tried really hard...but they ended up in the garbage can. (didn't have a compost pile at the time.)
What's that verse from the bible? something about truth tasting bitter in the mouth but like honey in the stomach... yep. the Dandelion sign. What was it Bob Dylan said was blowing in the wind? ...oh yes, the answer.

now I've walked a half circle to the back door, up the concrete steps, past the concrete planter half filled with old dry (once sterile) potting soil. back inside, back to the busyness of life. things to do.
no crickets...they stop in late afternoon sometimes.
now I hear the sound of cars traveling down the street, going somewhere.

Sep. 20th, 2007

on swing



I started this community because I work better in a group, like exercise you know, if there's no class to go to...I put it off and off and never do it.
I think about writing and have lots of ideas but usually don't because of the time it takes to edit and make sure it makes sense to everyone else. I really just want to write for the enjoyment of it and to see if I can put together concrete stories.

I also enjoy reading other people's ideas and tales...not so much writing for the sake of writing itself as an art, which I do appreciate...but not here, and not done by me... but not to say a good writer should dumb down for this community... am I making sense? I just feel way intimidated by most of the other writing comms here on LJ. I want a smallish, cozy, but diverse ..niche.

So look at the info and see if it appeals to you too!
writing chair

April 2008



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